In late 2018, the ministry initiated a public discussion on how to address safety concerns at the existing Cathedral Grove Park access while continuing to protect inherent environmental, social, and cultural values.

Phase 1 of the engagement was focused on outlining the scope of the study and understanding public values and ideas to help identify and shape potential options. A vital component of this phase was listening and learning from participants. Two open houses were held in November 2018 and an online survey was conducted which yielded roughly 500 responses.

The ministry released a Summary Report of the results of the Phase 1 engagement in February 2019 and committed to undertake a second round of public engagement in late spring 2019.

Phase 2 of the engagement, beginning in spring 2019, consisted of inviting public participation in option review – working together to assess pros and cons of each of the options. This input was used in the evaluation of the long list of options to focus in on those that appear to have most merit.

Ideas open for feedback included various existing parking area improvements, pedestrian overpass suggestions, additional parking capacity, long-term bypass options, and other ideas like improved signage, traffic calming and enforcement.

The ministry will now take the feedback, as well as input from Indigenous communities and local governments, onto the next phase. This includes engineering design work to refine the scope and costs.