Background Information

The goal of this engagement process is to learn more about how to address safety and parking concerns at Cathedral Grove, while protecting environmental, social and cultural values of the park.

Over the years the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI) has identified the key issues and concerns as:

  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Parking Capacity
  • Vehicle/Traffic Movements through the park along Highway 4


Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Study

The objective of this study is to make recommendations for pedestrian and traffic safety improvements that can be completed in a short-term time frame.

To better understand and address the road safety issues and environmental constraints at the park, MOTI  undertaking the Cathedral Grove Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Study.

During site analysis, vehicles at Cathedral Grove were observed using the highway as a loading zone, conducting U-turns and three-point turns, reversing into oncoming traffic and backing up across both lanes. These are just a few examples of unsafe vehicle movements at the park. The study will explore ideas to improve safety and access, while protecting the integrity of the park.