Purpose and Rationale

  • The Chinese Canadian Museum Working Group (CCMWG) will assist the Minister of State for Trade by providing information, input and advice into community consultation, engagement and the establishment of a Chinese Canadian Museum in B.C.


  • Inform the community consultation plan regarding the establishment of a Chinese Canadian Museum in B.C. within the context and project timelines.
  • Provide input regarding the Chinese Canadian Museum mandate, governance, programming, operational model, funding, and location(s).

Governance Structure

  • The Working Group will be accountable to the Minister of State for Trade who will act as Chair.
  • The Co-chair will be selected by the Minister of State for Trade.

Activities of the Working Group

In addition to regular meeting attendance, the Working Group members will:

  • Identify and actively engage with members of the community.
  • Ensure information from this community engagement is brought forward to the Working Group and for active consideration.
  • Based on outcomes from the community consultation and the Contractor’s report, the Working Group will make recommendations to the Minister of State for Trade.

Operation of the Working Group

  • Meetings of the Working Group will be called by the Minister of State for Trade, and occur monthly, or as otherwise scheduled.
  • The Secretariat will be provided by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture staff.
  • The agenda will be generated by the Secretariat in collaboration with the Minister of State for Trade.
  • Decisions regarding recommendations to the Province will be by consensus where possible.
  • Quorum for meetings will be half of the membership.


Members are appointed by the Minister of State for Trade for a six month term. The Working Group will comprise of:

  • 15 – 25 members selected for their interest, expertise, experience and perspective as well as community involvement.
  • Working Group members are independent members of the community and do not speak for government.
  • Individuals may be added and removed from the Working Group as required.
  • Guests may be invited to meetings of the Working Group to provide information and expertise as required and approved by the Chair.
  • A member of the City of Vancouver staff and a member of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture staff will participate in meetings to assist with communication and information exchange.

Meeting Schedule

  • The Working Group will meet on a monthly basis. The Working Group may also meet on an ad hoc basis as called by the Chair.

Remuneration and Meeting Expenses

Members of the Working Group are entitled to be reimbursed for reasonable travelling and out of pocket expenses incurred by them as a member of the Working Group. Reimbursement rates will follow the approved British Columbia Government guidelines for travel expenses. The Secretariat will administer Working Group reimbursements.

Conflict of Interest

If at any time, a Working Group member should find herself/himself in a real, potential or perceived situation of conflict between the duties and responsibilities related to the Chinese Canadian Museum Working Group work and personal, organizational or other interests, the member is asked to discuss the concern with the Chair. Where a conflict exists, the member will recuse themselves for the applicable portion of meeting agenda. Where a real, potential or perceived conflict exists for a member spanning multiple meeting agenda items, the Chair may ask the member to remove themselves from the Working Group and the Chair will seek a replacement.


Unless explicitly referred to as confidential by the Chair or Secretariat, Chinese Canadian Museum Working Group business and materials will be considered public and Working Group members may freely share these with their networks. In the interest of promoting clear, aligned communications reflecting a common vision, Working Group members are requested to follow key messages as provided by the Secretariat.