“At Kanaka Bar, we have seen the effects of climate change first-hand – from changes in precipitation, increased drought, wildfire threats and loss of salmon. We are taking action and preparing for the environment and climate of tomorrow – by monitoring our watersheds, reducing forest fire risk and planting food forests.” – Chief Patrick Michell, Kanaka Bar Band


“Extreme weather including heavy rainfall, extreme heat and prolonged drought will continue to occur more frequently in a changing climate. We need to prepare for those changes by making informed decisions – reducing the potential impacts.” – Armel Castellan, Meteorologist, Environment Canada


“Nature in the city has so many different values. We’ve been using engineering systems for a long time and they are going to continue to be important for rainwater management. But through the Rain City Strategy, we have an opportunity to bring in nature-based solutions so we can meet our rainwater needs, our water quality needs, and our climate resilience needs and to make Vancouver a better place to live.” – Melina Scholefield, Manager, Green Infrastructure Implementation, City of Vancouver


“This is about our shared future. That’s our common ground. We need to plan ahead and prepare our communities – young and old – for the projected changes coming our way and for future generations. – Tesicca Truong, Youth Climate Activist and Strategist