Announcing DataBC’s First Ever Hackathon

By Moleitau on Flickr.

Here at DataBC, we’re pleased to announce the Province is partnering with the Mozilla Foundation and OpenDataBC in Vancouver to host our first ever hackathon on Saturday, August 27.

What’s a hackathon? An event where people come together to work with data, mashing different datasets together to gain a better understanding of issues or to help create solutions – and you get to bring ideas for what to do. Here at DataBC, our hope is the hackathon will be an engaging event where we can dig into the Province’s site and find ways to make BC a better place through data.

Who should come? On August 27, we’d like to see a roomful of people who are interested in trying their hands at putting public data to use in creative ways. We’re inviting people who first and foremost like problem solving. If you have skills as a web developer, programmer, designer or writer, that certainly helps get the tangible parts done. But the work where everyone can participate is in ideas. If you live in the lower mainland and have an idea about how to make your community better you’re invited.

Location: 209 – 163 West Hasting Street, Vancouver, B.C.

Time: Saturday August 27th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We’re looking forward to hosting some special guests at the event. Participation is free and open to anyone. If you’re interested in attending, please RVSP through our contact form (use the ‘other’ subject line). We hope you can join us!

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13 responses to “Announcing DataBC’s First Ever Hackathon

  1. glenn

    Great idea and good luck… although I would have loved to have seen an event in Victoria taking place as well.. given that we’re the Capital and flourishing with hacks, geeks and developers over here wouldn’t it have made sense?? Cheers Glenn (@gletham) – FYI, I’m always sharing yoru updates via my AnyGeo blog

    1. DataBC

      Thanks Glenn. We love doing work in Victoria too (and over time, around the province). We’d love to work with you and others like OpendataBC to make that happen!

      1. glenn

        Sounds great, I’d be glad to work with you to help promote such an event – I’m sure there’s some great developer talent around here that would appreciate it.

  2. Alex

    Great to see these hackathons closer to home!

    We would like to offer our open web project, Water and Environmental Hub as a potential resource to the developers at the hackathon in Vancouver. Although, we are in beta mode, some BC data is available for download (csv, shape) and our API is becoming available to access these datasets.

    We would also be interested in hosting/promoting/sponsoring apps of the water/environmental theme…drop us a line.

    Good luck!

    1. DataBC

      Jonathan–thanks so much for promoting the event and pointing us to the Geomatics forum. It’s folks like you who really make the potential of open data a reality!

  3. Ken

    Anyway to do an online event for those of us located outside Victoria and Vancouver.

    1. DataBC

      Great idea, not sure how to make it work well. There’s a lot of face-to-face interaction that might be lost in the “translation”. Any folks have ideas about how to link in off-site hackers into the Saturday event?

      1. Randall

        I would totally love to participate in this. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town. I will be there remotely if you can get it setup.

        Maybe using GotoMeeting, Skype or something would work?

        1. DataBC

          We don’t have anything planned but let us do some thinking about how this might work… We’ll be back in touch!

  4. Karen

    I’d be curious to see what comes out of this! If anyone comes across data sets they’d like to explore in a journalistic context, you can open a file at and we can assign a reporter. Neat to see where data is taking public information….

    1. DataBC

      Thanks for link Karen. We think journalists are a large part of our audience; we’d sure appreciate a heads-up if you develop stories out of the data.

  5. miraj

    We are excited about the possibilities and few members from Hacks/Hackers Vancouver would be attending the hackathon.

    We are also spreading the word to our friends and supporters!

    See you all on saturday.