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By Loren Mullane on behalf of the DataBC Team

Ever wondered what the most popular open data is on DataBC?  Check out the data visualisation above for the answer.

To visualize the data, we used Tableau Public, a free and easy-to-learn software that makes it possible for anyone to create data visualisations to help tell a story.

In the visualisation, each circle represents an open dataset on DataBC. The larger the circle, the larger the number of downloads. As you can see, the most popular dataset is the Vegetation Resource Inventory or VRI, a geospatial dataset that tracks forestry activities.

The VRI data is from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) which provides many of the datasets related to resource development in the province. In the visualisation, all of the FLNRO data is coloured light green. The prevalence of the colour highlights the popularity of natural resource data. Because the data is about land, the vast majority tends to be geospatial data. Access to geospatial data ranging from land use tenures to parks and protected areas are vital to B.C. where the resource industries are major drivers of the provincial economy. The Province’s geospatial open data can be used in mapping applications by forestry, mining, and oil and gas companies, along with public servants and not-for-profits to guide and understand land use decisions.

In the visualisation, you can also focus on a single ministry. For example, click on Ministry of Education on the legend of the left, and then right-click your mouse. This opens a small pop-up window. Choose ‘Keep Only’ and you will see downloads for only the Ministry of Education (To see all of the data again, hit the refresh button under the caption about the licence). It is noteworthy that the most popular education dataset is BC Schools – Science 10 Exam Results. We think this reflects the interest of parents, students, and educators in the science marks at various public schools as an indicator of achieving university entrance. Recently, the Ministry of Education consolidated all of their exam result data into one file, so if you wish to view the science 10 exam results, you can find them in this dataset.

If you’re interested in what powers this visualization, you can download the data from our Catalogue. The data is updated quarterly and includes all open data downloads since we launched in July 2011 until June 30th, 2013. Naturally, it’s open data.

For a bigger version of the visualisation below, click here.



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4 responses to “DataBC Open Data Downloads Visualized

  1. Nicole

    Great visualization! Pleasing to the eye, informative, and interactive.

    1. DataBC

      Thanks for the feedback, Nicole. Much appreciated.

  2. @gletham

    Great dataviz and thanks for the tip on the Tableau software… nice!

    1. lmullane

      Thanks @gletham. I’m impressed with Tableau Public so far. If you create any data visualisations using the province’s open data, please share them with us.