Code With Us: the experiment continues

By Mark Wilson, UX Designer, the BCDevExchange

Code With Us flow map
‘Code With Us’ (formerly called ‘Pay for Pull’) is an experiment by the BC Developers’ Exchange to find a faster, easier, and more effective way for government to get and pay for code and other works related to making a digital service.

In a nutshell, the first iteration of ‘Code With Us’ (so far) consisted of using open source licenses and paying a fixed price (up to $1,000 per opportunity) for code and other work that meet agreed-upon acceptance criteria. The first person to submit work that met the acceptance criteria was paid.

We’ve had a number of great folks from government and the developer community who have stepped up to be our first to participate in this experiment. We’ve been listening to their feedback and working hard behind the scenes to improve how ‘Code With Us’ works.

What’s New

Based on the feedback received, we’re launching another set of experiments with two important enhancements to ‘Code With Us.’

First, we’re offering more money and more work in a single package. Right now, we’re experimenting with up to $10,000, and we’ll be looking to go higher as we gain more confidence with more successful transactions.

Second, we’re introducing an assignment process to provide a fair and transparent, but relatively lightweight, way to assign opportunities. The previous version had the potential for duplication of effort with multiple developers working on the same issue, and government staff reviewing more work than they’d like to. So, we’re going to see if a lightweight assignment process will make the process better for everyone. (Read more about how the assignment works here.)

Where can I find opportunities?

We’ll be posting new paid opportunities here. The first one was posted on Monday, October 17.

We want your feedback!

We welcome your ideas on this model – please leave a reply.