Building Community – Code With Us


The nature of agile teams is constant change, but one thing we want to keep steady here at the BCDevExchange is a strong connection with our partners. Whether it’s the developer community and entrepreneurs or public sector partners, we know that authentic cooperation with these groups is key to our shared success.

We recently hosted an open house for government innovators and partners in the developer community to come see how we work and learn about opportunities to innovate with us. Guests heard from BCDevExchange Co-Founder David Hume about a mindshift toward increased capabilities and new tools to help the public sector reduce risk and innovate faster. He outlined the BCDevExchange roadmap including Code With Us, our experiment to find a faster, easier and more effective way for government to get and pay for code in a way that is fair and attractive to developers.

Code With Us is about innovation by iteration, applying the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach to growth, and the BCDevExchange is looking for early adopters from the public sector to come on board with their code problems. Team member, Loren Mullane, walked guests through a recent Code With Us example that saw one issue resolved within 15 business days from posting to completion, which is in stark contrast to what public sector partners have told us they’re experiencing sourcing developer talent themselves.

Hume says face-to-face meetups like the open house are about community connection and making the case for doing things differently: “Building a vibrant community around Code With Us isn’t just about letting people know what we’re trying to accomplish here, but really listening to what they’re trying to accomplish and figuring out how we can help them succeed. When they get better, we get better.”

Do you have a public sector code problem you want to resolve quickly through Code With Us? Email the BCDevExchange and let’s chat.