DataBC Participates in the Startup in Residence Program

The Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training recently launched a new pilot – the Startup in Residence Program (BCSTIR). This program is modeled after a similar venture that started in San Francisco and will involve tech companies to partner in a 16-week residence with the government to address some identified business challenges.

Ten challenges from six Ministries/Agencies are posted on BC Bid as part of BCSTIR. DataBC is excited to participate in this pilot program as a new way of problem-solving and has put forward two challenges to the technology community.

Our first challenge relates to BC Data Catalogue’s data access statistics. DataBC often receives inquiries from data custodians on the use of their datasets that are published in the BC Data Catalogue. To fulfill this need, we would like to display the number of visits and data downloads prominently on respective catalogue record pages, and provide a link to more in-depth site usage where users and data custodians can view and download this information at the ministry or branch level. Since the BC Data Catalogue is a CKAN development, this enhancement will be a CKAN extension.

Our second challenge is related to Client Notifications. DataBC operates a plethora of very popular services, including map services, application programming interfaces, applications such as iMapBC and the BC Data Catalogue a very large data management environment. We currently do a lot of push notifications via email when there are system changes and service enhancements but there is currently no means for public clients to subscribe to notifications. We are seeking to develop an open source notification service to allow clients to sign up for alerts via a self-serve tool. This web-based tool will allow clients to subscribe to service channels of interest, and receive information related to scheduled changes, status, and technical issues.

The call for proposals closes on April 11th, with April 6th as the last business day to ask questions on these opportunities.

For more information on the #BCSTIR program visit the BC Startup in Residence Program Website.

The DataBC challenges are STIR-17-008 and STIR-17-009.

We look forward to reviewing your proposals and the opportunity to collaborate with the two teams that are chosen for BC’s inaugural Startup in Residence Program and produce technology that matters in BC.