Featured Data: BC Schools Completion and Graduation Rates Visualization

Interview with Mike Sand, Ministry of Education.

Grade 12 completion data from the Ministry of Education was collated and analyzed to show the graduation trends for six-year cohorts over a 15 year timeframe in B.C. In the past data was shared as a static pdf report. The Ministry of Education’s goal was to display the data in a new format–an eye-catching, easy to understand, and interactive chart– and at the same time, share the raw data as open data catalogued in the BC Data Catalogue.

The interactive data visualization is a look at the graduation rates for a variety of subpopulations by school districts: all students, aboriginal, non-aboriginal, male, female, English language learners, non-English language learners, special needs, and residents and non-residents throughout B.C. Thanks to this new format, users have the ability to see and compare the completion rates between different subpopulations and districts by changing the subpopulations and locations on the visualization to see the long term results.

BC Schools Completion and Graduation Rates Interactive Visualization

The BC – Six-Year Completion Rate dataset was used for this visualization. The Catalogue record includes information to support working with this data including:

  • How to work with the Six-Year Completion Rate Extract from DataBC
  • Definitions for Open-Data Completion Rate
  • A Friendly Guide to the Completion Rate, Completion Rate Models – A Visual Schema and,
  • Understanding outmigration in the Six Year Dogwood Completion Rate

The dataset is licenced under Open Government License (OGL), and available to the public to view and download.

The Data BC Catalogue has 3459 datasets, with more than 1,500 published under the Open Government License (OGL). There is an abundance of data to explore! Check out this visualization and others at data.gov.bc.ca

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