iMapBC for Mobile and Direct Data Download – Featured Updates

iMapBC for Mobile and Direct Data Download – Featured Updates

Published by: the DataBC Services Team

iMapBC is a popular public mapping tool  that can be freely used to visualize and analyze hundreds of geographic government datasets.

A new version of iMapBC for Mobile was just released, with a list of long-awaited features, including a fresh look and direct integration with DataBC’s Data Distribution services.

This product release is the next step in making all iMapBC features mobile friendly in the journey towards retirement of the older version of iMapBC that only works on Internet Explorer.

iMapBC Toolbar image

Key highlights include:

  • Direct integration with the Data Distribution Service – you can now select and download data layers you’ve added to your map without leaving iMapBC.
  • Upload data in a variety of different formats – including several new and common formats like .CSV, .KML, XLS, .SHP
  • User defined customizable labels and layer visualizations – you can modify how layers look and create your own custom labels for better visualization or printing
  • Open and save user sessions for secure users – you can now manage, delete, share and revise your saved sessions. This feature will be coming soon for public users.
  • Manage, buffer, save and combine selected sets – there is more flexibility in working and analyzing data
  • More base map choices – including imagery, Topography, and the Light Grey Canvas
  • Works on mobile –now iOS and Android compatible
  • Enhanced access for users with disabilities – this version of iMapBC is built to a WCAG 2.0 level AA of compliance

This new rich tool works on mobile phones and Google Chrome. It sets the stage for future updates which will bring more tools to public users and integration with other DataBC services including Geomark and the BC Route Planner.  Data download capabilities will continue to expand, honoring user defined filters applied to ordered layers in the next few months.

DataBC will continue to streamline iMapBC, providing seamless integration with other government services to improve the end user experience exploring, viewing and analyzing government data.

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iMapBC Order window image 2
iMapBC’s new direct download interface

iMapBC Order window image 1