Use Case – Real Estate and the ParcelMap BC Parcel Fabric Dataset

The BC Data Catalogue is the place to find B.C. Government data, applications and web services.  It is a system specifically designed to encourage sharing, exploration and use of B.C.’s data assets.  Currently there are 3,043 datasets, and 1,578 of those are made available under an Open Government license. Over the past year DataBC has been connecting with businesses that have been using B.C.’s open data to build applications to improve B.C. and beyond.  We want to share their use case stories.

Our first use case story is about how real estate agent Gary Little created an interactive real estate map using one of the more popular open datasets, the ParcelMap BC Fabric, which is a geospatial dataset of land parcel boundaries, both private land and land owned by the province.  This dataset enables home buyers to see the shape of the property on a map.


Gary explained that until recently he had to seek out property boundary data from each municipality or regional district with mixed results. Some didn’t have the data or could not share it for Gary’s use. Even in the cases where he was able to obtain the data, it was in a variety of formats that took a huge amount of work to interpret and make useful for his purposes. The situation improved dramatically with the release of the ParcelMap BC Parcel Fabric dataset.

“The data is in a consistent format province-wide, so I now have complete coverage for the area of my map and I can use a single technique for analyzing all the data,” said Gary.

 The public availability of this dataset will no doubt lead to other surprising solutions for B.C. businesses and other users.

Stay tuned for future use case stories.