Use Case – City of Vancouver VanConnect

The VanConnect application is a means for people to report and submit photos of civic issues such as graffiti, potholes, abandoned garbage or burned out street lights to the City.  Residents and visitors can track reported issues and receive status updates on their mobile phones.  The City of Vancouver introduced the application to enhance the relationship with its residents and to help ensure that the city remains a beautiful place to live.

Behind the scenes, the app leverages the “reverse geocoding” capability of the BC Address Geocoder to find the street address nearest to an app user’s cell phone location. It is more practical to send a work crew to a street address than it is to send a crew to a specific GPS latitude/longitude coordinate. The BC Address Geocoder has proven to be a reliable and accurate tool for this purpose. The app’s capability to determine the address location helps people report issues faster and helps visitors who aren’t familiar with the area to report any issues.

Thanks to VanConnect, there has been a big improvement in response time and cleanup efficiency, which benefits everyone. The photo and location information provided by the app has improved the city’s response time for resolving civic issues; reduced the number of staff receiving phone calls, and improved the efficiency of dispatched work crews. To date, VanConnect has helped identify and resolve over 68,000 civic issues and is exceeding expectations in helping to keep the City of Vancouver safe and beautiful.

Thank you VanConnect and the City of Vancouver for sharing your story!

VanConnect 90 Second Video

Quick Facts

  • App launched on May 28, 2015
  • 63,000 mobile downloads
  • 68,786 requests submitted to 311 via the app
  • 65,375 VanConnect issues resolved so far
  • Tripled the number of items a citizen can report
  • Accounts for approximately 25% of annual requests for service from citizens
Number of Service Requests reported 2016 2017 Change
Total # of Requests via VanConnect 30,000 53,000 77%
# of Requests with Pictures via VanConnect 19,000 27,000 42%


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