BC Agritech Overview

B.C. is globally recognized for its diverse agricultural landscape, variety of commodities, thriving tech sector and strong research community. These competitive advantages have propelled emerging opportunities for the development, adoption and commercialization of what is commonly referred to as “agritech”. Agritech is the fusion of innovation and technology applied to the agriculture, food processing and seafood sectors and has significant potential to address production issues, arising from a growing population with increasing expectations of sustainability and traceability. In B.C., leading edge agritech solutions range from drones and robotics to remote sensors and waste technologies, and together, agritech will help us support food security in B.C. and growing food in a changing climate.

B.C.’s Competitive Advantages

Agritech innovations can be applied domestically to increase production, competitiveness and efficiency, and have the power to fundamentally transform the agricultural sector. B.C.’s unique competitive advantages position us to be a global leader in agritech. Throughout the province, we have:

  • Thriving tech hubs and strong natural resource sectors, creating opportunities for partnerships with agricultural businesses and operations
  • An innovative and talented workforce
  • Access to key transportation networks and infrastructure
  • A diverse landscape and crop mix that provide an optimal opportunity to be a “living lab” for piloting agritech solutions
  • Post-secondary institutions with world-class research talent

Sector Overview

Today, B.C.’s agriculture, agrifood and seafood sector generates $14.2 billion in revenue, and with over 200 agriculture commodities and 100 seafood species, it is evident that the sector’s future is promising and filled with opportunity.

B.C. is also home to over 150 agritech companies, many of which are producing world-class innovations that offer solutions domestically and internationally. With support from researchers and investors, agritech companies are advancing new knowledge and modernizing products, practices, and technologies to respond to new opportunities and emerging challenges, related to climate change, food security and increasing pressures on agricultural land.

The B.C. Agritech Opportunity

The governments of British Columbia and Canada are committed to advancing the pace of innovation in agriculture by supporting research, development, commercialization and adoption of new technologies. But we know there is much more that can be done – bigger ideas, bolder moves – to reach the full potential of the agritech opportunity in B.C.

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