The Food Security Task Force will be responsible for delivering recommendations to:

  • Increase the productivity and competitiveness of the B.C. agriculture sector through innovation and the use of technology,
  • Grow the B.C. agritech sector and support the development of technologies which will be applicable in B.C. and globally; and
  • Promote food security through the adoption of technology and innovative practices.

The Task Force will specifically assess and provide strategic advice on:

  • Opportunities to apply agri-technologies to enhance sector productivity, economic competitiveness and sustainability, reduce waste and tailor productivity to market demands.
  • Opportunities to grow the emerging agritech sector in B.C. as a standalone economic sector that can produce technologies that will be in demand globally.
  • Opportunities to support the objectives of CleanBC, both through the adoption of practices that will reduce the GHG emissions of the sector, and through the development of clean agri-technologies.
  • Opportunities that will increase access to fresh, healthy food, and stimulate local economic activity.


The Task Force will conduct targeted engagement with stakeholder groups to inform their recommendations.

The Task Force will produce a final report with a summary of findings and recommendations that will be provided to the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology by December 31, 2019.

Membership and Governance:

The Task Force will have an appointed Chair to provide neutral and unencumbered leadership. Task Force members are responsible for informing recommendations to the benefit of the Task Force objectives with a whole of sector approach.

The Task Force will include the Chair and up to three core members. Additional technical advisory services will be provided as required at the discretion of the Chair.

A contract project manager will support the Chair and Members in meeting their objectives. Staff of the Office of the Premier and the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology will support the Task Force as required.


The Task Force members and the Chair will:

  • Provide input on a discussion paper or other materials;
  • Commit to monthly meetings to discuss progress and findings;
  • Produce interim documentation of progress and findings (as directed by the Chair); and
  • Produce a report by December 31, 2019.


Task Force members are appointed to March 31, 2020. Extension of the term may be considered and mutually agreed to by the Chair, Members and the Province.

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Responsible for ensuring all deliverables are fully completed on time and presented to the ministers according to the timelines.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all deliverables are: of good quality, clear, based on verified information, unbiased, and address the purpose of the Task Force.
  • Sets the agenda for meetings and ensures meetings achieve their purposes.
  • Makes decisions on allocating specific work to the members.
  • Requests advice from the relevant ministry staff on aspects of the work that relate to government processes to ensure that recommendations can be implemented.
  • Attends and participates in meetings.
  • Participates in and/or lead engagement sessions.
  • Contributes to the development of early and final recommendations for the ministers.
  • Works with the project manager to support coordination of the overall initiative.


  • Attend and participate in meetings.
  • Provide policy and strategic advice to guide the initiative.
  • Participate in regional engagement sessions, as directed by the Chair.
  • Contribute to the development of early and final recommendations for the ministers.


Members will volunteer their time and be reimbursed travel expenses as per the provincial government guidelines for public servant travel.

Task Force Membership List:

Peter Dhillon – Chairman, Richberry Group (Chair) Arvind Gupta – Professor, University of Toronto

Lenore Newman – Canada Research Chair, Food Security and Environment, University of Fraser Valley

Raghwa Gopal – President & CEO of Innovate BC. Will participate on an invited basis as an exofficio member of the Task Force

Advisory services may be provided by other sector experts at the discretion of the Chair.