The Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) framework defines how legislation, regulations and policy work together across the landscape. It applies to all public forest lands and range lands to anyone who holds an agreement under the Forest Act or Range Act. It also applies to private land associated with woodlot licences and tree farm licences. We need to make sure FRPA continues to provide economic, environmental, cultural and social benefits to B.C.’s communities and Indigenous Nations. We are proposing changes to improve FRPA in order to:

  • Clarify government’s objectives for forest and range resources
  • Improving information sharing in forest planning
  • Ensure those who manage forest and range resources on the ground are accountable for achieving desired outcomes
  • Increase opportunities for communities to engage in the planning processes

By making changes to FRPA, we are also striving to advance reconciliation with Indigenous Nations and to enhance their ability to participate in forest and range management. Indigenous Nations and their traditional knowledge have an important role to play in stewardship. Improving FRPA is an important component of the province’s approach to supporting implementation of the United Nation’s Declaration of the Rights for Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

Some changes to FRPA are already underway. Over the last decade, the province received broad feedback that has informed improvements. Amendments to FRPA introduced in Spring 2019 will provide more frequent and reliable opportunities for public review and comment on forest stewardship plans and woodlot licence plans. In addition, government’s ability to manage forest and range activities will be strengthened. However, more changes are needed.

For detailed information on these proposed changes, please read the Discussion Paper.

For further information about FRPA, visit the Forest and Range Practices Act website.