Tetrahedron Park Re-designation – Results

Engagement Summary

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) applied to BC Parks for an amendment to their park use permit to enable improvements to the community water supply system infrastructure in Tetrahedron Park.

BC Parks hosted an open house on Wednesday, May 2nd in Sechelt. A second open house was hosted Thursday, May 24th in Roberts Creek.

Individuals were invited to:

  • Review the information provided in the Public Information Paper;
  • Complete a written comment form and submit via email or mail; and/or
  • Submit comments online about the proposed boundary adjustment directly to BC Parks.


Engagement Timeframe

May 2 to June 8, 2018

Input Received
  • Approximately 200 people attended the first open house, and approximately 100 people attended the second.
  • Approximately 550 submissions were made online though the BC Parks website.
  • Approximately 40 letters were mailed to the Ministry and/or BC Parks Staff and executive.


Input leads to action:

George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, has evaluated the Chapman Lake expansion project and after careful consideration, is not prepared to move forward with a park boundary amendment in Tetrahedron Provincial Park at this time.

As a result, the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s (SCRD) proposed expansion of the community water supply system infrastructure in the park cannot proceed.

As part of its long-term drinking water strategy, the SCRD was proposing that permanent piping be installed in Chapman Lake, as well as increasing the allowable drawdown of the lake.

BC Parks held consultations with the public and First Nations in the spring of 2018. Most respondents were opposed to a boundary adjustment or park re-designation.

Based on the materials and feedback gathered during the public consultation process, as well as consideration of the necessity of the Chapman Lake expansion project, more work is required by the SCRD to revise its comprehensive regional water plan to significantly reduce or eliminate the dependence on Chapman Lake as a source for additional water supply before considering a boundary amendment.

Please read the summary of the public engagement for more information.