BC Pharmacare – Your Voice

Engagement summary

PharmaCare is a publicly funded program that helps B.C. residents pay for some prescription drugs, medical devices and pharmacy services. Detailed information about what PharmaCare covers and the different PharmaCare plans is available online.

B.C. has a rigorous drug review process for determining whether a product will be eligible for PharmaCare coverage that considers factors such as a drug’s or device’s cost, efficacy and safety, among others. B.C. residents can provide valuable input to the drug review process through Your Voice.

Check the Your Voice web page for current opportunities and to complete an online Your Voice survey. Survey eligibility varies; check the web site for details.

Drugs available for public input

Visit the Your Voice website for a list of drugs/devices currently available for public input and to find out if you are eligible to complete a survey.

Input received

Every year, Your Voice collects hundreds of responses from patients, caregivers and patient groups for the products PharmaCare reviews. The Ministry of Health’s Quarterly Report on Drug Submission Reviews (PDF) provides information about the drugs and devices considered for coverage, including how many Your Voice survey responses were submitted and reviewed for each product.

Details of the Engagement

Category: Health & Safety

Status: Ongoing

Location: Province-wide

Type: Online