Columbia Basin Agriculture Discussion Paper

What was this engagement about?

The B.C. Columbia River Treaty Team has published a new discussion paper summarizing programs and initiatives available to the Columbia Basin agriculture sector, and was seeking feedback to learn where there may be gaps.

View or download the discussion paper:  Overview of Agricultural Interests in the B.C. Columbia Basin and Existing Programs and Initiatives

Throughout the Province’s public engagement on the Columbia River Treaty, Basin residents have spoken of agricultural losses sustained when valley bottoms were first inundated after construction of the Treaty dams.  Many people have indicated that increased support is needed for areas such as accessing land, financial aid for sustainable farming, irrigation, and dikes.

To help respond to these concerns, the B.C. Columbia River Treaty Team investigated existing federal, provincial and regional agriculture programs and initiatives with the potential to help address some of the interests.  Over 40 programs were identified, which have been compiled in the discussion paper.

The CRT Team wanted to know: given the programs and initiatives available, are there any gaps in addressing agriculture interests in the Basin?

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How can my contribution make a difference?

Feedback will be reviewed by the B.C. Columbia River Treaty Team and next steps will be considered at that time.  A summary report will be posted by December 2021.


Details of the Engagement

Date: June 18, 2021 to September 15, 2021

Category: Environmental Protection

Status: Closed

Location: Province-wide