Baldy Ridge Extension Project (EAO)

What was this engagement about?

Feedback was invited on the Baldy Ridge Extension Project near Sparwood, B.C., until April 4, 2016. Teck Coal Limited (Teck) is proposing to extend the working life of Elkview Operations with the Baldy Ridge Extension Project (proposed Project).
Teck must obtain an Environmental Assessment Certificate (Certificate) before any work can be undertaken on the proposed Project. Teck has submitted the application for a Certificate (Application) to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). EAO has determined that the Application contains the required information and accepted it for detailed review.

How can my contribution make a difference?

EAO sought public comments on the Application. The intention of seeking public comments was to ensure that all potential effects— environmental, economic, social, heritage and health—that might result from the proposed Project are identified for consideration as part of the assessment process.
Feedback was accepted by online form, mail and fax until April 4, 2016. Additionally, the public was invited to attend an Open House to learn more about the environmental assessment process, the proposed project, and the content of Teck’s Application.

Details of the engagement:

Date: Closed on April 4, 2016

Status: Closed

Location: Kootenay

Category: Natural Resources

Types: mail, online, fax, in-person