Highway 97 Lake Country Planning Study (Glenmore/ Beaver Lake Road)

What was this engagement about?

The ministry is conducting a planning study to investigate and identify the future transportation needs of Highway 97 between Lodge Road and Duck Lake in Lake Country.

The study will recommend a long-term infrastructure strategy to improve safety and traffic flow along this segment of Highway 97. Special consideration will be given to the Highway 97 – Glenmore/Beaver Lake Road intersection.

Feedback was accepted until 4:00pm on February 19, 2020.

Feedback was accepted in several different ways including:

  •  Submitting your feedback online through the civic engagement platform PlaceSpeak. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will be collecting online feedback using PlaceSpeak.

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If you do not wish to participate through PlaceSpeak, please see the open house materials posted on February 5, 2020.


How will my contribution make a difference?

Extensive engagement with elected officials, a technical advisory committee and a community liaison committee has been taking place throughout the planning study, which started in early 2019. Public input for this next phase of engagement will be used to refine options moving forward on the Highway 97 Lake Country Planning Study.


Details of the Consultation:

Date: February 5 to February 19, 2020.

Status: Closed

Location: Thompson-Okanagan

Category: Transportation

Type: In-person, Online


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