Lillooet Protected Areas Management Planning

What was this engagement about?

BC Parks invited public feedback on the management plans for six of nine protected areas in the Lillooet area. The provincial parks in the area were newly designated or enlarged. The location of each of these parks is shown on this map.

Draft management plans were open for public comment for these six protected areas:

South Chilcotin Mountains Park (previously named Spruce Lake Protected Area) and Big Creek Park: A single management plan is being prepared for both parks due to their adjacency, similarities in natural values and ecosystems and recreational uses. South Chilcotin Mountains and Big Creek parks are located in southwest British Columbia, approximately 80 kilometres west of the town of Lillooet. South Chilcotin Mountains Park encompasses 56,796 hectares of rolling mountains and alpine areas while Big Creek Park consists of 67,918 hectares, transitioning from high, rolling mountains and plateaus in the south, to low wetlands in the north.

Bridge River Delta Park: Approximately 30 kilometres west of the town of Gold Bridge, the 992 hectares park is situated on the Bridge River in a narrow, steep-walled valley between high mountains.

Yalakom Park: 8,941 hectares in size and situated at the headwaters of the Yalakom River, the park is approximately 60 kilometres northwest of the Town of Lillooet. The main features of the park include Yalakom Mountain, the entire watershed of Yalakom Creek, a tributary of Yalakom River, and the prominent Nine Mile Ridge.

Fred Antoine Park: This park is 8,230 hectares in size and situated on the Bridge River Road approximately 25 kilometres northwest of the Town of Lillooet. The park contains almost the entire watersheds of Antoine Creek and Fred Creek with the surrounding area consisting of dry forests on rugged, steep terrain.

Gwyneth Lake Park: 132 hectares in size and situated on the Hurley Forest Service Road, the park is approximately six kilometres south of the town of Gold Bridge. Centred on Gwyneth Lake, a small, shallow, marshy lake with a six unit rustic campground, the park provides opportunities for fishing, camping, picnicking, and as a base for hiking and ATV touring in the surrounding area.

How can my contribution make a difference?

BC Parks invited citizens to review and comment on the draft management plans. At this stage in the planning process citizens had the opportunity to provide information, express opinions, suggest alternatives and have their say on how the protected areas will be managed.

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Details of the Engagement:

Closed on May 30, 2014.

Status: Closed

Location: Southwest; Cariboo

Category: Parks and Recreation

Types: Online, Mail, Email