McKenzie Interchange Project

What was this engagement about?

The Province of B.C. and the Government of Canada are investing $85 million in the development and construction of the McKenzie Interchange Project, a new interchange on the Trans-Canada Highway at the intersection with Admirals Road and McKenzie Avenue in Saanich. The intersection is the number one bottleneck on Vancouver Island and the project will help to improve traffic flow in the Capital Regional District, while reducing collisions and improving pedestrian and cyclist safety.

How can my contribution make a difference?

The ministry has considered the feedback received so far, along with technical and financial information, and have decided on a partial clover-leaf design for the interchange.

The latest phase of consultation focused on the preferred method of how citizens want to be kept informed on upcoming construction activities and traffic pattern changes. A feedback form was available online until June 10, 2016.
Read about how citizen input turned into action on the McKenzie Interchange Project so far.

Details of the engagement:

Date: Closed June 10, 2016

Status: Closed

Location: Vancouver Island

Category: Transportation

Types: Online, Email