Mental Health & Addictions

What is this engagement about?

It is likely that you or someone you care about will be affected by mental health and/or substance use at some point in life. These issues don’t discriminate – they affect people from all walks of life, of all ages and backgrounds, from all regions of the province, including your neighbours, co-workers, friends, parents, siblings and children.
In 2017, the British Columbia government created the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions to find a way to better support people living with mental health and addictions issues. The Ministry and its partners are committed to working collaboratively to transform the mental health and addictions landscape in B.C. Learn more about the engagement process here.
There were several ways to contribute until August 21, 2018 at 4 p.m.:

  • Submit your comments on the online feedback form
  • Submit your feedback and ideas via email to:
  • Download a printable PDF version of the feedback form and submit your thoughts by mail


How can my contribution make a difference?

Input generated through the face-to-face meetings and broad public feedback will help inform the development of our new mental health and addictions strategy and drive system-wide improvements.

Details of the Engagement:

Date: March 28 – August 21, 2018

Status: Closed

Location: Province-wide

Category: Health & Safety

Type: In-person, Online, E-mail

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