Species at Risk 2018

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What is this engagement about?

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy has been given the mandate to develop stand-alone species at risk legislation. To fulfill this mandate, we want to build on the ideas we heard from you, and we would like to hear from you again – this time on specific policy topics.
Over the past 8 years, the B.C. government has held three public discussions about species at risk. These have included the Task Force on Species at Risk (2010), the Five-Year Plan for Species at Risk (2014), and the Species at Risk Public Engagement (2016).
A description and the results of the 2016 engagement process is available.
In the coming weeks, we will ask for your ideas about how best to protect and recover species at risk in B.C., and prevent more species from becoming at risk. To open the discussion, we will ask you about specific topics in blog posts on this website. Through these moderated online discussions, we hope to better understand what’s important to you. We will use your comments and ideas to shape specific proposals for future legislation. An intentions paper will be released to share what we’ve heard from you, and to seek your opinions on specific policy concepts.
There are two ways to participate at this stage in the engagement:

  1. Join the online discussion
  2. Email your input to species.at.risk.BC@gov.bc.ca

Feedback for phase one will be accepted until August 29, 2018 at 4PM.

How can my contribution make a difference?

This year, 2018, will see new opportunities to participate as the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy moves towards their mandate to create new species-at-risk legislation. These engagement opportunities follow a multi-stage process with an intent to work openly to develop solutions that will inform species-at-risk legislation.

Details of the Engagement:

Date: April 29 – August 29, 2018

Status: Open

Location: Province-wide

Category: Land & Animals

Type: In-person, Online, E-mail

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