Workers’ Compensation System Review

What was this engagement about?

This engagement looked at B.C.’s workers’ compensation system and ways to shift the system to become more worker-centered. The review is assessing how the system can be improved, with a focus on modernizing WorkSafeBC’s delivery model, return-to-work practices and case management processes. It also analyzed WorkSafeBC’s current policies and practices through a gender- and diversity-based lens.

British Columbians were invited to share their views on what an improved workers’ compensation system should look like. The independent reviewer heard from people from all over B.C., including injured workers and their families, employers, medical practitioners, Indigenous people and First Nations, unions, employer associations, representatives of workers and employers, the legal community and people with an interest in the topic.

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How will my contribution make a difference?

Your feedback will directly inform the Reviewer’s report that will be delivered to the Minister of Labour by Oct 15, 2019.

Details of the Engagement:

Date: June 3 to July 19, 2019

Status: Closed

Location: Province-wide

Category: Government

Types: Online, Email, In-person

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