Active Transportation – Results

Engagement Summary

The Province of British Columbia is developing an active transportation strategy to increase the number of British Columbians who chose active transportation to get around. We want to ensure that the Strategy reflects the needs and priorities of British Columbians of all ages, genders, abilities, socioeconomic levels and geographies.

To support this, we reached out to Indigenous communities, local communities, stakeholders and the public for input.

The engagement was designed to connect with and hear from active transportation users, advocacy groups, planners, engineers, health professionals and elected leaders who are working to make active transportation options safer, more convenient and accessible for their communities.


Engagement Timeframe

Date: March 1 to April 15, 2019

Input Received
  • 1842 submitted comments
  • 2 webinars with 160 participants
  • 383 email submissions
  • 8378 website visits


Input leads to action:

The information gathered through the various engagements has been used to craft a provincial active transportation strategy. The strategy was made public as of June 17, 2019.

Please refer to the What We Heard Report outlining the engagement process with some detailed information about who we heard from and larger themes identified during the engagement.

Download the award winning British Columbia Active Transportation Guide, which will help guide communities in building safe, effective active transportation infrastructure.

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