Angling Regulation Changes – Results

Engagement Summary

The public was invited to comment on proposed changes to 19 fishing regulations for the 2019-2021 Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis.
Based on regional requirements and conditions, the intent of these regulation adjustments is to meet management objectives for native and invasive fish species, while maintaining sustainable angling opportunities for recreational fishers.

Engagement Timeframe

December 4, 2018 – January 11, 2019

Input Received
  • 145 comments were received

Input leads to action:

The results of the engagement were summarized for the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy who has responsibility for the Park Act. The formal recommendation was made by the Halfway River First Nation-B.C. working group to the ministry in January 2019.
Comments focused on access to and within the proposed conservancy, the proposed boundary and future conservancy management planning process, the potential to displace future industrial activities to adjacent lands, the engagement process, and First Nations reconciliation in general. These concerns were addressed as much as possible through further information and engagement activities.