B.C.’s Boreal Caribou Recovery Implementation Plan – Results

Engagement Summary

The Boreal Caribou Implementation Plan (BCIP) has been in place since 2011 and was designed to slow the rate of caribou population decline while the necessary research and monitoring was being conducted to determine best options for recovering the species. The 2017 Science Review, along with a letter introducing this report have been posted since the end of March 2017 for information and review. The BCIP has been revised to reflect the necessary actions for recovery based on the results of the research and monitoring included in the Science Review.

The revised draft Boreal Caribou Recovery Implementation Plan (BCRIP) and associated appendices, along with a letter of introduction were posted for public review. The Ministry of Environment invited comment from public, First Nations, local government and stakeholders on the draft BCRIP.


March 31, 2017 to May 31, 2017

Input received:
  • Email submissions: 227
  • Comments were received from:
    • First Nations
    • Local Governments
    • Industry
    • Non-government organizations
    • General public


Input leads to action:

Based on feedback received, the Province will review components of the draft BCRIP and develop next steps to inform revisions to the BCRIP.

Plan components to be reviewed include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Herd boundaries;
  • Plan goals, objectives and timelines;
  • Caribou range restoration requirements;
  • Recovery measures (e.g. predator management or other suitable population enhancement measures); and,
  • Management of caribou habitat, herd ranges and cores.

Next steps are:

  • Re-engagement with First Nations, local governments and stakeholders for further plan refinements; and
  • Update and provide recovery information as recovery efforts for boreal caribou are implemented.