Basic Income – Results

Engagement Summary

B.C. is studying a basic income approach to reduce poverty.

The Province appointed an expert committee in July 2018 to study the potential for using a basic income approach in its efforts to reduce poverty and prepare for the emerging economy. This is related to a commitment in the Confidence and Supply Agreement between the government and the B.C. Green Party caucus.

“Basic income” refers income payments provided to eligible people unconditionally by government. Basic income can be delivered through direct payments to people or through the personal income tax system.

The committee will oversee independent research to assess the feasibility of a basic income for British Columbia and how basic income principles might be used to improve the existing income and social support system.

Organizations and Individuals with an interest in basic income were invited to share their input.

Engagement Timeframe

November 15, 2018 to March 15, 2019

Input Received
  • 138 Submissions received through the engagement site
  • 309 Email Submissions received
  • 72 Petition Signatures
  • 7 Reports from community organizations


Input leads to action:

Feedback will be used to support the expert committee’s research on basic income. Recommendations from the panel will be submitted to government in 2020 and will be critical to informing government’s next steps on poverty reduction.