BC Bid – Results

Engagement Summary

The BC Bid Consultation was an online work space to discuss potential technology to support procurement in government. This process is also called Source to Contract and is all about better ways to establish contracts and manage the purchasing process. The Province asked for input on technology requirements being considered to streamline and automate procurement. Feedback will be used to further define a technology solution, allowing for the development of a business case to articulate the potential value of this technology.

Engagement Timeframe:

June 15 to September 30, 2015

Input Received:
  • 1,040 visits to the website
  • 30 online discussion comments received
  • 116 emails received


Input leads to action:

An engagement summary report has been presented to government for review and consideration.
Key themes from the consultation:

  • Ease of use: heard from the primary users (public sector buyers, vendors). Usability testing will be an integral part of the assessment on any future BC Bid replacement.
  • Privacy Concerns/FOIPPA compliance (including data storage in Canada): the feedback was primarily from those likely to bid on this opportunity, but was also a key topic for government workers. These issues have been given further consideration by govern­ment experts and their input will be used when finalizing the require­ments prior to the procurement process that will follow.