BC PharmaCare: Your Voice – Results

Engagement Summary

PharmaCare  provides B.C. residents with active Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage under the following plans:

  • Fair PharmaCare—B.C.’s income-based plan. Most B.C. residents are covered by this plan. You can register online24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Plan B—Permanent residents of licensed residential care facilities
  • Plan C—Individuals receiving income assistance from the Province of British Columbia
  • Plan D—Individuals registered with a provincial cystic fibrosis clinic
  • Plan F—Children receiving medical or full financial assistance through the At Home Program of the Ministry of Children and Family Development
  • Plan G—Clients of mental health services centres for whom the cost of medication is a significant barrier to treatment
  • Plan P—BC Palliative Care Benefits Program for those who choose to receive palliative care at home.

Before PharmaCare can consider covering a drug, it must receive and review a request for coverage from the drug submission sponsor (e.g., the manufacturer). The submission is then forwarded to the Drug Benefit Council, an independent drug coverage advisory committee made up of nine professional members with expertise in critical appraisal, medicine, ethics, pharmacy and health economics, and three members from the public. Their role is to review drug submissions and make drug coverage recommendations to the Ministry of Health.
Your Voice provides a platform for patients, caregivers, and patient groups to provide input to B.C.’s drug review process (PDF 148KB). It is part of PharmaCare’s commitment to give British Columbians a chance to share their perspectives on drug coverage decisions that affect them. Once the ministry receives the sponsor’s drug submission, survey questionnaires and drug information sheets are prepared for posting on the Your Voice website. Eligible patients, caregivers and patient groups have 4 weeks to complete the online surveys.





Input Received:

Since January 2012, Your Voice has collected over 1,000 responses from patients, patient groups and caregivers. For a list of drugs that were posted online for input since that time, see the Quarterly Report on Drug Submissions Reviews (PDF).
Drugs available for public input
For a list of drugs that are currently available for public input, and to find out if you are eligible to give input, visit the Your Voice website.
To learn more
Visit the Drug Review Results search tool to examine past PharmaCare drug coverage decisions. For more information about the drug review process, refer to the Detailed Drug Review Process in B.C. (PDF, 257KB).