BC’s Education Plan – Results

Engagement Summary

On October 28, 2011, the Ministry of Education launched BC’s Education Plan. This marked the beginning of an ambitious effort to engage British Columbians in an important conversation on education change. The BC Ed Plan included a public dialogue to talk to and get input from parents, students and teachers about the plan for how the B.C. education system can be more flexible, dynamic and adaptable to better prepare students for the future. The dialogue was online in a series of blog posts that were open for comment over several years.

Engagement Timeframe:

October 2011 to May 2014


Input Received:
  • Number of web visits: 12,012
  • Number of online comments: 6,387


Input leads to action:

People from all parts of the province and all walks of life weighed in on how government might make our already great education system even better. The comments confirmed how passionate educators, students, parents, government and others are about K-12 education in B.C. The top themes that emerged from the discussion were:  Curriculum, Quality Teaching and Learning, Parents, Communities, and Schools, Technology in Schools and Administrative Issues.
For example, citizens said that we should reduce the number of curriculum outcomes per subject to a more manageable number and that this will allow teachers to cover the most important content and teach the most important skills in greater depth than they have time to do now, give teachers more time to address specific deficiencies in student learning, ensure students have more time in the curriculum to pursue their individual interests and passions and adopt a more holistic approach to curriculum. Now, in 2016, the Ministry is introducing new curriculum in the education system. You can read more and contribute to the 2016 curriculum redesign process.
You can also read the Summary Report of the BC Ed Plan engagement to read more about citizen’s contributions.