Caribou Recovery and Predator Reduction Engagement- Results

Engagement Summary

The Province of B.C. sought input from stakeholders, interest groups, and the citizens of B.C. on a five-year approval for continued predator reduction (wolves and cougars) to support the recovery of woodland caribou populations.

The online questionnaire focused on:

  • caribou recovery in general
  • predator reduction
  • participant demographics

In addition, consultation occurred with 46 First Nations, and potentially impacted tenure holders. This consultation was out of scope of the online engagement process and is not included in the “what we heard” document. For more information about this engagement process, please visit the caribou recovery project page:

Engagement Timeframe

September 15, 2021 to November. 15, 2021

Input Received

  • A total of 15,196 surveys were completed from Sept. 15 to Nov. 15, 2021.
  • The overwhelming majority of respondents (98%) stated that caribou recovery is important to them.
  • Overall, 59% of respondents oppose predator reduction to help with caribou recovery and 37% support predator reduction. 

Input Leads to Action

Your input will help the Province’s decision-making process. This “What We Heard” document will be provided to the government’s statutory decision-makers for consideration prior to them making their decisions.

For more information on how the Province of B.C. makes decisions on predator reduction activities, please review the 2021 Interim Aerial Wolf Reduction Procedure: