CleanBC – Plastics Actions Plan – Results 2019

Engagement Summary

More than forty percent of plastic is only used once and then ends up as waste, littering our province and threatening a wide variety of species. Here in B.C. we can do our part to change this, and we want your thoughts and ideas. The purpose of this engagement was to solicit feedback from all British Columbians, including employers, employees, local governments, organizations, professionals, and Indigenous communities on the path forward to reduce plastic pollution in B.C.

Read the Policy Consultation Paper to learn more about the solutions being considered.

Feedback was accepted in the following ways:

  1. An online public survey
  2. Formal submissions
  3. Emailed comments
  4. Mailed-in comments
Engagement Timeframe

July 25, 2019 to September 30, 2019

Input Received
  • 35,611 survey responses received.
  • 129 formal submissions received from local. governments, stakeholders, Indigenous communities, and internal stakeholders.
  • 131 email comments received from citizens.
  • 15 long form submissions received from citizens.
Input leads to action:

Public feedback will be considered as part of developing a new regulatory framework that will be developed for plastic waste. Read the What We Heard Report for a summary of feedback received on this engagement.