Commission on Tax Competitiveness – Results

Engagement Summary

The Commission on Tax Competitiveness was established and mandated by the B.C. Minister of Finance to review the competitiveness and economic performance impacts of business taxation. The Commission focused on the Provincial Sales Tax (PST), the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and non-residential property taxation. Part of this review process asked British Columbians for their feedback on tax competitiveness and business taxation.
The Commission invited input from the public through its website and invited interested groups to provide submissions and/or meet with the Commission. The Commission held 12 meetings with interested groups and received formal written submissions and/or oral presentations from 27 industry groups, businesses and individuals. In addition, the Commission received 59 responses to a survey on its website. This process helped the Commission ensure their decision-making process was informed by the citizens and business-owners these taxes impact most.


July 14 – September 30, 2016

Input Received:
  • 12 meetings held by the Commission for interested groups to meet and provide submissions.
  • 27 written submissions and/or oral presentations from groups, businesses and individuals.
  • 59 completed surveys on the Tax Commission website.


Input leads to action:

The results of the Commission on Tax Competitiveness have been compiled in a report.
The Commission has developed four recommendations, in order of priority:

  1. Full PST exemption for business capital expenditure
  2. PST exemptions for certain business inputs
  3. Made-in-B.C. Value Added Tax
  4. Industry-Municipal investment arrangements

For more information on the recommendations, the engagement process and the Commission, please read the final report.