Distracted Driving – Results

Engagement Summary

The B.C. Government asked British Columbians to share their thoughts on distracted driving penalties.
As a first step, in late 2014, the B.C. had Government increased the penalties for using a hand-held electronic device while driving to include three penalty points, in addition to the existing $167 fine.
During this consultation in 2015, British Columbians were asked for their input on how penalties or sanctions could be adjusted in order to change driver behaviour and stop people from distracted driving. Questions focused on driver experience, repeat offenders and other factors.

Engagement Timeframe:

June 16 to July 16, 2015


Input Received:
  • 24,051 website visits
  • 1,932 online comments
  • 962 email submissions
  • 69,052 Add Your Voice question responses


Input leads to action:

Notable response totals for specific questions:

  • Nearly 90% of 9,106 respondents indicated they are very concerned about distracted driving in B.C.
  • 90% of 7,536 respondents indicated the fine for distracted driving should be increased.
  • 96% of 7,493 respondents said drivers who’ve received multiple tickets for distracted driving should face greater sanctions.
  • RoadSafetyBC has completed its analysis of the consultation submissions and data, plus further review of contemporary approaches in other jurisdictions.
  • The Province has announced new sanctions to address distracted driving, effective June 1, 2016. Stronger penalties will include significantly higher fines, more penalty points, and earlier interventions for repeat offenders, including driving prohibitions. Read about the escalating fines and new sanctions here.
    Read more about what we heard during this consultation here.