DriveBC Online Survey – Results

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Engagement Summary

Launched in 2005, DriveBC is the Province’s most popular website with approximately 14 million visits annually. Available on your desktop computer, mobile devices and phone, DriveBC provides information on road conditions and events, including road or lane closures due to construction, rockslides or heavy snowfall around British Columbia. Users can also use the site to view highway webcams, plan their routes, and receive updates on road conditions via Twitter, email, SMS or RSS feed
In addition to the feedback received through the DriveBC website and the ongoing Customer Satisfaction Survey, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) invited feedback from citizens via an online survey to help identify and propose improvements to the site.


September 24 to October 23, 2014

Input Received: 

512 online surveys were completed, providing insight into:

  • The public perception of the service that DriveBC provides (including trust, accuracy, and the timeliness of information);
  • The trip planning process:
    • What features are or aren’t popular;
    • Mobile vs. desktop preferences; and
    • What features do commercial drivers use vs. regular drivers?
  • Public sentiment of the site with regards to the ease of use/simplicity;
  • Public desire to have the ability to submit traveler information to DriveBC via the website; and
  • Public desire to enhance the current webcam system, including how it is displayed on DriveBC.


Input leads to action:

The public input received from the online survey is being combined with a number of other feedback sources to help shape planned enhancements to the DriveBC site, the Province continues to work to implement those changes.