Highway 1 – Salmon Arm West – Results

Engagement Summary

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure proposes to exclude a 0.2-hectare parcel of land, located at Highway 1/42nd St. SW in Salmon Arm, from the Agricultural Land Reserve, as it has been severed from the parent parcel and is proposed to be consolidated within Lot 7 Plan 27888 Section 16 Township 20 Range 10 W6M KDYD.

The parcel (Plan EPP70260) has no utility for agriculture, is completely isolated by Highway 1 and the new 42nd Street right-of-way and logically would be consolidated with the industrial property to the north. The proposed Agricultural Land Reserve exclusion and consolidation with the industrial property to the north will not present any significant impacts to nearby agricultural uses, as it is separated by highway/road right-of-way and will be fenced along the property boundaries. The land has been legally surveyed as arterial highway.

The ministry held a Zoom virtual public hearing to answer questions about the exclusion application and receive comments of support or opposition and written submissions were accepted until 12:00 pm on March 29th, 2021 by email or mail.

Engagement Timeframe

March 30, 2021

Input received

Oral or written comments in support or opposition were invited.

Input leads to action

Input received is provided to the local government and Agricultural Land Commission for their deliberations on the ministry’s proposed ALR exclusion application.