Highway 7 Widening – 266th St. to 287th St. – Results

What was this engagement about?

Highway 7 between 266th Street and 287th Street is an important regional link. The route is well-used for local traffic, local business operations, tourism, and movement of goods related to port and rail activities. It is a key connection between Highway 11 in Mission and Highway 1 in Coquitlam.

Traffic congestion on Highway 7 between 266th Street and 287th Street east of Maple Ridge has been identified as a concern. Over 24,000 vehicles travel each day on this segment of highway and traffic is expected to grow over the next 25 years. With one travel lane in each direction, commercial and industrial vehicles are experiencing delays, while commuters are spending more time in traffic and less time with their families.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is upgrading this four-kilometer segment of highway — the last remaining undivided two-lane section of Highway 7 between Maple Ridge and Mission — to four lanes. Improvements will increase capacity, connect communities, and improve BC’s economy which is reliant on a safe, efficient transportation system.
The project has now been approved for funding by the provincial Treasury Board. The Ministry put the project out for tender which means it is inviting potential contractors through a competitive process to submit bids to construct the project. Construction will begin Fall 2022 following contract award approval.

Learn more about the project by reading the Discussion Guide and our Design Update 2022.

For more information, please visit the Highway 7 Widening Ministry webpage.


Public comments were accepted until 4pm PST on February 19, 2021

What we heard

Thank you to everyone that participated in the engagement process for this project and for sharing your comments about the proposed design. We received over 2,0002,028 site visits to the Project website during the engagement period, 263 completed feedback forms, several written submissions, and input provided by stakeholders and interest groups. in meetings.

To learn more about how we engaged the public and what we heard during the public engagement process, please read the Public & Stakeholder Engagement Summary – Summer 2022