Information Access and Privacy (2018)- Results

Engagement Summary

The purpose of this engagement was to invite British Columbians to provide input to help shape government’s next steps regarding the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA).

The engagement website provided information on the current Access to Information and Privacy rules in BC and elsewhere in Canada, and asked the public to participate in an online discussion or provide written submissions to express their thoughts on some key issues such as penalties for contravening FOIPPA, fees for access to information, and the kinds of information they would like to see government make available without the need for a formal Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

Information gathered from this engagement, along with other sources of information, such as recommendations from past Special Committees and the Information and Privacy Commissioner, will inform actions that will help shape improvements to policy, practice, education and awareness, regulation and legislation.


February 26 to April 9, 2018

Input Received
  • Written submissions were received from 15 Organizations/Experts and 19 Individuals
  • 39 comments were received on blogs posted on the following topics:
    • The FOI process
    • Protecting your privacy
    • Getting access to the information you want
    • Fees for FOI requests
    • Reporting privacy breaches
    • Offences and penalties in FOIPPA
Input leads to action:

The Ministry of Citizens’ Services is carefully reviewing the input received from this engagement and is working to translate this feedback into meaningful Freedom of Information reforms.

Read the Freedom of Information Reform Engagement report.