Lake Country Hwy 97 Improvements – Results

Engagement Summary

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure invited the public to a workshop to provide input on potential long-term safety improvements for Highway 97 through Lake Country.

The study area extended from Duck Lake to Lodge Road in Lake Country, and focused on the Glenmore/Beaver Lake Road intersection.

The workshop used a World Café format, where people gathered at tables to discuss a variety of related topics provided by the host, before sharing their ideas with the wider group.


Engagement Timeframe

June 18 to July 5, 2019


Input Received
  • Close to 100 people attended the ministry’s World Café on June 19.
  • Participants provided input on three topics: traffic, mobility and safety; walking, cycling and transit; and local land use and constraints. They provided over 400 comments regarding what is working well and what could be improved, along with ideas to be explored.


Input leads to action:

The public input received will help direct the newly launched Highway 97 Lake Country Transportation Planning Study, a two-year comprehensive transportation plan that will identify and assess options to improve safety and transportation on Highway 97. Read the Engagement Summary Report for a complete summary of public feedback received throughout the engagement process.