Organic Matter Recycling Regulations – Results

Engagement Summary

In April 2016, the Province announced it was undertaking a review of the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation to ensure that it remains protective of both human health and the environment. In October 2016, a policy intentions paper was released inviting public feedback on proposed new and revised policies.

The Organic Matter Recycling Regulation governs the production, quality and land application of certain types of organic matter. It provides clear guidance for local governments, as well as compost and bio-solids producers, on how to use organic material while protecting soil quality and drinking water sources.

Citizens were invited to comment on the information outlined in the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation Policy Intentions Paper. Comments were accepted by email or mail to be considered by the Ministry of Environment in preparing the proposed revisions to the regulation.



October 3, 2016 – December 2, 2016


Input received:

Seventy-five responses were received in the following formats:

Email submissions:

  • 36 Intentions Paper Response Forms
  • 17 letters that addressed Intentions Paper Response Form questionsd
  • 22 email responses that did not addres the Intentions Paper Response Form questions

A summary of comments is available on the ministry website.


Input leads to action:

Based on feedback received and the need to potentially develop additional policy options, the Province wishes to obtain feedback on several policy areas. Accordingly, and consistent with ministry practice, a follow-up Intentions Paper is anticipated in the fall of 2017. Policy topics for exploration include:

  • enhancing First Nations engagement;
  • strengthening qualified professional requirements;
  • improving the authorization process for land applications of managed organic matter;
  • creating more rigourous biosolids processing requirements; and
  • considering more stringent requirements for use of surface application methods for land application of biosolids.

Amendments to the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation are expected in early 2018.