Peachland Transportation Study 2020 – Results

Engagement Summary

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure sought feedback on the Highway 97 – Peachland Transportation Study. The ministry has studied conditions along the current highway and future transportation needs around Peachland to develop an understanding of the transportation priorities and constraints in the region.

We are exploring ways to improve safety, travel times, active transportation, transit, and congestion moving in and through Peachland and the Central Okanagan region. As a key part of the study we wanted to hear your feedback on short, medium, and long-term safety improvements options to inform their development and refinement. For more information, visit the Peachland Transportation Study website.


Engagement Timeframe

August 12 to September 4, 2020


Input Received
  • 159 online discussion comments
  • 147 feedback forms received


Input leads to action:

Your feedback will be used to help refine the improvement options. Input gathered through this engagement will help inform the analysis and refinement of short, medium, and long-term corridor improvement options.