Peachland Transportation Study 2016 – Results

Engagement Summary

Feedback was invited on transportation planning in the Peachland area until December 23, 2016. The study is examining current and projected conditions on the Highway 97 corridor including demographics, community plans, traffic and safety reports. The study is also identifying issues, opportunities and concerns to be considered when potential options are explored.


Engagement Timeframe

November 21 to December 23, 2016


Input Received
  • 640 people attended the open house
  • 135 feedback forms were completed

Read the 2016 Peachland Open House Engagement Report.


Input leads to action:

Through public engagement and consultation with local governments, Indigenous communities and other community organizations, the ministry has identified two preferred alternative routes that bypass the community and one preferred existing route along the current highway. The second and final phase of the study will establish the ultimate long-term preferred option and be completed in spring 2020. There will be opportunities to provide feedback on the option chosen.