Provincial Caribou Recovery Program – Results

Engagement Summary

The provincial government embarked on a new program to recover and conserve woodland caribou in British Columbia, and requested the public’s feedback.

The Caribou Recovery Program is a long-term commitment that will include all B.C. caribou herds in a comprehensive and uniform approach to conservation, based on traditional knowledge and science. The province has already committed to $27 million to ensure a strong start.

Despite the province’s efforts over the years, many of B.C.’s 54 caribou herds are in decline.

Individuals were invited to contribute ideas directly on the Draft Provincial Caribou Recovery Program by email or mail.

For more information, visit the Provincial Caribou Recovery Program Engage website.

Engagement Timeframe

April 20 to June 15, 2018

Input Received
  • 2,590 emails
  • 2,000 website visits
  • 23 stakeholder submissions
Input leads to action:

Please read the What We Heard Report for more information.