Reporting on Student Learning in the Classroom – Results

Engagement Summary

Students and parents/caregivers need to receive regular, clear communication about student learning throughout the school year. To help ensure this information is provided consistently from Kindergarten through to Grade 12, the B.C. Ministry of Education is replacing three different policies with one, unified K-12 Student Reporting Policy.

In consultation with a diverse range of rightsholders and partners in the education sector, the Ministry of Education developed and released a proposed draft K-12 Student Reporting Policy. The Ministry then funded the development and release of an online engagement to hear from teachers, parents, school administrators, students, and interested members of the public to gather feedback and perspectives on the proposed changes. A digital questionnaire, including five-point satisfaction scales and open-ended comment fields, allowed respondents to provide both general quantitative responses as well as detailed qualitative feedback.

In providing feedback, the following documents were provided to citizens for review:

Engagement Timeframe

The digital questionnaire was open for feedback for six weeks, from September 27th to November 5th, 2021.

Input Received

  • In total, 4,491 responses to the survey were received during the engagement period. Of these, 4,169 were full completions (i.e., respondents answered all questions) and 322 were partial completions. Data analysis of the collected feedback was conducted by R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. (Malatest) and summarized in a final report. In addition to the online engagement data, some individuals, school districts and partner and rightsholder organizations submitted written responses regarding the proposed policy; Malatest reviewed these 16 submissions and included a supplemental thematic analysis in their report.

Input Leads to Action

After completing an internal review of the public feedback and having had follow-up conversations with key partners and right holders, the Ministry of Education is postponing the implementation of the K-12 Student Reporting Policy. In the coming months, we will further refine the Draft K-12 Student Reporting Policy with the goal of releasing a final policy framework in the Spring of 2022, with September 2023 as the new proposed implementation date. This new timeline will allow for a year of planning, including the co-development of practical guides and resources as well as the tools and technology required to support implementation.