Shíshálh – B.C. Land Use Planning- Results

Engagement Summary

Engagement with stakeholders and the public is an important part of the shishalh-B.C. land use planning approach. Engagement with stakeholders and the public will occur at key plan development phases to ensure local interests and priorities are identified and factored into the land use planning process. We are in the early days of this multi-year land use planning process. The shishalh-B.C. Land Use Planning Table is currently implementing a stakeholder and public engagement plan and information sharing process to support the development of the draft land use plan for shishalh swiya.

Between November 2020 and February 2021, the shishalh-B.C. Land Use Planning Table hosted engagement activities to identify stakeholder and broader public interests, concerns, and opportunities related to the land use planning process.  This included hosting stakeholder workshops and soliciting input via a public questionnaire. As part of the engagement process, information was also shared via this website to help inform stakeholders and the broader public about the historical context, scope and goals of the shishalh-B.C. Foundation Agreement and land use planning process. The results from this first phase of stakeholder and public engagement are found in the Phase 1 Engagement Summary Report.

Engagement Timeframe

December 11, 2020 to January 31, 2021

Input Received

Input leads to action

  • Check back here for results of engagement and notification of future engagement activities.