South Island Visual Quality Objective Changes – Results

Engagement Summary

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (the Ministry), proposes to amend currently established visual quality objectives (VQOs) on Lasqueti Island and to establish new VQOs near Mt. Wesley (in the vicinity of Cameron Lake, Horne Lake and Spider Lake) through a new government actions regulation (GAR) order. VQOs define the acceptable level of visual change for specific areas of Crown land outlined within a GAR order.

Recognizing the importance of visual quality to the public, input was sought through Engagement BC, and ads were placed in three local newspapers. The ads informed the public about the proposed changes and directed them to the Engagement BC website where they could learn more and provide their input.

Due to the provincial health order and additional Covid-19 precautions being followed by the Ministry, many offices (including the South Island Natural Resource District) were closed to the public.  Engagement took place by phone or email rather than in person. Consultation for the proposed VQO changes was also conducted at an earlier date with First Nations, stakeholders, licensees and agreement holders.

Engagement Timeframe

December 22, 2020 to February 16, 2021

Input Received

Input was received from six members of the public, with the majority reaching out by email. One respondent reached out by phone. Some of the more recurring questions and comment received included:
  • Requesting more areas to be included as viewpoints, and greater protection on public land.
  • The importance of Mt. Trematon as a landscape feature and viewpoint
  • The applicability of VQOs on private land
  • How to access and interpret supporting information

Input leads to action

The comments and feedback received will be reviewed alongside the results of consultation with First Nations, licensees/agreement holders and stakeholders to determine whether any changes will be made to the proposed VQOs  in the forthcoming GAR Order.