South Okanagan Protected Areas Framework– Results

Engagement Summary

Citizens were invited to provide feedback on the Protected Areas Framework for British Columbia’s South Okanagan as part of an effort to protect the unique and diverse region known as the “pocket desert”. This area is important to First Nations and contains sacred cultural and traditional use sites such as Spotted Lake and the White Lake basin and many other significant cultural, recreational and ecological sites. It is also an area that is facing intense development pressure and increasing population.

As a result of discussions with stakeholders, community interests, and the Okanagan Nation, the provincial government has come to better understand the various interests in the region and has developed a proposed land protection framework for the South Okanagan to address these interests both today and into the future. The results of the public consultation have been published in a consultation summary report available here.



August  13 – October 31, 2015

Input Received:
  • 411 completed online feedback forms completed.
  • 3,049 individual responses received related to the Intentions Paper.
  • 1,265 submissions originating from the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Committee website were received.
  • 707 online submissions & 873 postcards originating from the Wilderness Committee were received.
  • 167 private citizen submissions were received primarily through email.
  • 37 formal letter submissions from organizations were received.


Input leads to Action:
  • Analysis of the received input produced seven main themes and six sub-themes for the Minister of Environment to consider.
  • Engagement will continue with member bands of the Okanagan Nation Alliance to further understand First Nation values and interests in the area. Discussions will include how collaborative management can be accomplished.
  • The Ministry of Environment will identify any interim protection measures that should be considered in the short to medium term.